Your PROM Servant Leader Archetype Assessment


Your Servant-Leader Archetype signifies how you serve people and teams. 

Pioneers are your innovators. Reconcilers build consensus and keep people on board with tough decisions. Operators create institutions, processes, and systems. Mavericks love to solve complex, wicked problems.

Your Servant Leader Archetype is outward-facing. It focuses on your general approach to the challenges you face and the impact you make.

Great leaders come in all four types. 

This self-assessment will help you identify your servant-leader archetype. 

Later, we will provide you with ways to use this knowledge to be the best version of yourself and to help others do the same. Take the self-assessment here:

Next, read the eBook "Build Winning Teams" (attached to this lesson). This book outlines the servant leader archetypes and the healthy, average, and unhealthy versions.

We'll save the worksheets in the eBook for the end of this module.

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